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-05/12/07-Added NEW Saving Private Ryan VIDEO - "Soldier Side". Yes, this site is still alive. I took a one year hiatus because I started teaching (easily the hardest job in the world IMHO) but now that I'm on vacation I finally have some time to do a few vids. On a side note, I switched web hosts about six months ago and the switch made me lose my feedback form functionality. I've fixed it now but any feedback that was sent for the past half year wasn't received. Sorry about that. Please feel free to send any comments and I'll be sure to respond to them.

-05/08/06-Added NEW LOST VIDEO - "Happiness Is". It's an Ana-Lucia focused vid and takes place entirely in Season 2, episode 20 - "Two for the Road" (spoiler alert if you haven't seen it).

-03/25/06-Added some new awards for "Lonely Day." Many thanks to each of the sites! Awards and feedback are always appreciated!

-02/26/06-Added NEW LOST VIDEO - "Lonely Day". Woohoo, it's about time I got a new one up!

-02/24/06-Added some new awards for "My December." Many thanks to Poisoned Bliss Awards and to Angel's Destiny Awards!

-02/12/06-Alright, I've finally managed to install a new commenting system onto the website so people don't have to go through Livejournal to get comments in anymore. I was even able to transfer my old Livejournal comments onto the new system. Please make sure to leave a comment whenever you download a vid; leave feedback, advice, whatever. I like to know how people react to my vids.

-12/03/05-Added some new awards to each vid. Many thanks!

-11/29/05-Updated website a bit by completely redoing the menu and switching some things around. I'm not sure how much I like not having the vids on the front page anymore but I'll keep it for a while and see how it works out. If anybody has a preference for either way let me know.

-11/28/05-Jenn from Zeromuch recommended my vids at her new fanvid recommendation site, Fanvid-Recs.com. Many thanks for the rec!

-11/21/05-Two new awards received for "My December" thanks to Fresh-Alternative Awards!

-11/01/05-Added new Spider-Man video - "It's My Life". About damn time I got a new video added! That now makes a lucky 3.

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